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Helping our customers in an emergency

By 28 September 2021No Comments

Helping our customers in an emergency

The customer is a small company – a long-time customer of TPV Compound – which makes various moulded components above all for the automotive sector.


When the COVID-19 emergency broke out and their biggest target market came to a standstill, they called TPV compound, which they had long been acquainted with, with a wholly novel idea: In the health emergency, the urgent need for protective devices not available on the market led the customer to attempt to produce nose clips for surgical masks by adapting the mould utilised for a similar PVC product used in the automotive sector.

Proposed solution

When starting up this new project in an unfamiliar sector, the customer relied on TPV Compound’s decades of experience in the medical sector; thanks to the immediate support from the technical and sales departments, a small change was made to the mould used by the customer and the selected medical compound was tested.
Five days elapsed between when the customer first had the idea and the production of the first PVC nose clip for surgical masks. A rapidity of development not even remotely conceivable before. The customer and the TPV Compound team will long remember those 5 days.

Future benefits and developments

An important manufacturer contracted the customer to produce nose clips for surgical masks. With the production and sale of this product, the customer was able to cover the losses arising from the standstill in their main market due to COVID-19 and gained a reputation as a supplier in the medical sector, in which they had believed their company to be too small and incapable up to a year earlier.