The range of compounds that TPV offers is extremely wide and includes both extrusion and moulding products, medical, non-toxic and technical, as well as standard and tailor made. It grows every day thanks to our technical services developments. Customers have the possibility to choose within a wide repertoire of bases and colors without size limitation of the production lot.

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Our biomedical range products with compounds that are biologically inert, compatible with cyclohexanone or radiofrequency welding, sterilizable.

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Products combining mechanical performance, high transparency, excellent chemical resistance and suitability for contact with foods.

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Personal hygiene and cosmetics

Mechanically resistant product that ensures chemical inertia and guarantees long-lasting quality

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and construction

Our compounds are free of metals such as lead and chromium VI and now also tin derivatives (DOTE); PVC assures many years of high performance from a mechanical standpoint and in terms of chemical inertia.

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and electronic

Specific mixes for the production of electric cables for lighting, telecommunications, audio and video systems, the railway and automotive sectors and low-voltage energy transport.

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Flame retardant compounds with good mechanical properties, also at low temperatures.

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Gardening and agriculture

The compounds for gardening and agriculture guarantee resistance to atmospheric aging and outdoor exposure.

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and leisure

Compound comfortable and with an excellent surface finish, while safeguarding personal hygiene and the environment and preventing bacterial contamination.

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Household goods – electric appliances – furnishings – design

PVC compounds for the white goods, refrigeration, furnishing and design industries.