PVC is an extremely durable, resistant material and for this reason it can be used to produce countless articles that are required to last a long time. Our R&D Department is constantly working to improve the durability of our compounds and to make our formulations increasingly sustainable and recyclable. Our compounds are free of metals such as lead and chromium VI and now also tin derivatives (DOTE); therefore, they can be easily recycled numerous times. For these reasons, PVC is an indispensable polymer for a sustainable future.
When used in building, PVC assures many years of high performance from a mechanical standpoint and in terms of chemical inertia and requires practically no maintenance.

It can be used both for interiors and exteriors and lends itself to energy-saving applications thanks to its excellent heat and sound insulation properties.
Certified compounds are available:

  • UL94 (Yellow Card) as a flame retardant
  • UL746 for lightfastness
  • PVC-UH according to ISO 9080 having MRS > 25 MPa for press fittings
  • NF132 for thermal break profiles
  • EN ISO 13501-1 Fire resistance class Bs2d0
tpv-building and construction
tpv-building and construction

Main applications

– Window and door profiles
– Roll-up shutters
– Ducting for air conditioning and electrical systems
– Thermal break profiles
– Rigid and corrugated cable conduits
– Pipes for water collection, supply and transport
– Junction boxes and reducer couplings
– Valves and handles

– Gutters and downpipes
– Ground covers and gratings
– Heat-insulating panels
– Transparent flexible sheets
– Static and dynamic seals
– Intumescent seals
– Tiles for flame-retardant flooring
– Expanded panels
– Wood flour-based WPC panels

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