Quality Management System certified in conformity with standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
Certified Operating Units: Argenta, Frosinone and Villanova d’Ardenghi.

Activities: Research, development and production of PVC and PVC free compounds for building, packaging, shoes, food and medical industry. Recycled compounds. Non hazardous plastic was tes recovery (Frosinone)

  • IIP SGQ Certificate no. 191 of 07/03/2024
  • IQNet Certificate no. IT-3366 of 07/03/2024

Environmental Management System certified in conformity with standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.
Certified Operating Units: Argenta. Frosinone and Villanova d’Ardenghi.

Activities: Design, research, development and production of PVC compound and masterbatches through the phases of raw material mixing, dry blend cooling and extrusion. The main applications are for building, cables, packaging, food and medical industries. Trigeneration plant management (Argenta). Plastic waste recycling plant management (Frosinone).

  • IIP SGA Certificate no. 200 of 19/05/2023
  • IQNet Certificate no. IT-58753 of 19/05/2023

EcoVadis Rating Certificate

TPV Compound was awarded a Silver medal in recognition of its “EcoVadis” rating (www.ecovadis.com).

The purpose of this rating initiative is to analyse the company’s sustainability and its ongoing commitment to act responsibly based on an assessment of its performance in the following key areas:

  • Environment
  • Work and Human Rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable Purchasing

G PVC Compound Mark

In 2007 the company joined the “Compounds Group” of PVC Forum Italia (www.pvcforum.it/pvc-compounds/), which brings together various PVC compound manufacturers committed to promoting behaviours in line with criteria of sustainable development and the European REACH regulation on the use of chemical substances.

The “G PVC Compound” mark is a guarantee of quality and sustainability of PVC compounds. It was created with the aim of protecting processors and consumers, promoting quality in observance of current standards and assuring operating methods designed to safeguard health and the environment.

The use of the mark is subject to compliance with rules regarding the responsible use of additives and production of environmentally compatible formulations, restrictions on the use of given substances, the obtainment of quality marks and certifications, minimisation of waste and support, where possible from an operational and economic standpoint, to regeneration or mechanical recycling initiatives (www.pvcforum.it/pvc-compounds/marchio/i-criteri-del-marchio-g-compound/).

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certificazione IQNET-RC
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