This corporate code of conduct indicates the principles and values that embody the entrepreneurial mission of TPV Compound.


The Code of Ethics must be considered binding for the conduct of anyone, director, employee and collaborator, who works in the name and on behalf of TPV Compound.

Eco responsibility

One of the primary objectives of TPV Compound is the containment of the environmental impact of its activities. To this end there is a constant commitment to comply with all legal environment requirements.

The TPV Compound Board of Directors resolved to adopt the Company Code of Ethics and the Organization, Management and Control Model drawn up in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01, which introduced rules concerning the administrative liability of legal entities. Under the provisions of the decree, companies can be held liable, and punished accordingly, for certain offences committed or attempted by directors, employees or contractors on the company’s behalf or to its advantage. 

The company’s role demands that particular attention be paid to the provisions laid down by Legislative Decree no. 231/01 in view of the specific, constant attention given to ethical values, human dignity, the observance of rules, the promotion of health and safety at work and the safeguarding of environmental heritage. The company’s liability can be ruled out or mitigated if it effectively and consistently applies an Organization, Management and Control Model (Model 231) that potentially prevents the offences concerned. 

Company principles

  • Safety, health, environment and quality
  • Legality, honesty and integrity
  • Human dignity, professional development and equal opportunity
  • Transparency of company decision-making processes, policies and procedures
  • Information, communication and involvement

A Supervisory Body has been set up to verify compliance with Model 231. It can conduct audits on every individual aspect of the company

TPV Compound SpA’s Code of Ethics may be viewed in full on the company’s Internet site and is disseminated and freely accessible at every level of the company.