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Customer centricity means the customer comes before the product

By 28 September 2021No Comments

Customer centricity means the customer comes before the product

The customer is a well-known international brand in the sports sector that uses various plastic materials to produce protective clothing, boots, guards and helmets.


For the moulding of some particularly complicated coloured products they have always turned to TPV Compound. Prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer decided to develop new antimicrobial materials, but they found themselves facing an unprecedented problem: the suppliers of plastic materials were all chemical multinationals that did not have the means of producing small quantities of compounds customized with antimicrobial additives. What is more, from an initial analysis it emerged that incorporating the selected antimicrobial was not always chemically possible.

Proposed solution

The customer turned to TPV Compound because we had demonstrated a strong propensity to customize solutions in the supply of coloured PVC compounds. When the customer proposed making customized products not based on PVC, it took the TPV team a few days to come up with an answer. Producing non-PVC-based antimicrobial masterbatches is not our company’s job, but the customer is a well-known international brand and in certain situations the customer comes before the product. The TPV team realized that by using already existing technology for the production of colour masterbatches it was possible to work with completely different polymer bases and incorporate the antimicrobial. 

Future benefits and developments

Thanks to the technological solution adopted, the customer was able to offer the market a new line of antimicrobial sports products and strengthened the partnership with TPV Compound. The customer is always our central focus and will find empathy, responsiveness, reliability and reassurance from TPV Compound.