This Code of Conduct indicates the standards and values that apply to the business mission of TPV Compound.
Correctness, transparency, loyalty and respect as well as accountability constitute the bases on which the entire relationships system of the Sartor Group rests.


The Code must be considered binding for the conduct of everyone, directors, employees and/or associates, who operate in the name of and on behalf of TPV Compound.

Unethical conduct

All recipients of the Code must, for the purpose of complying with the rules, abstain from any action that could be in conflict with the TPV Compound's interests, or rather:
- in the conduct of their functions they are required to respect the laws, prevailing regulations, the Code of Ethics as well as the internal regulations;
- they are not permitted to follow personal interests that in some way may be in conflict with those of TPV Compound;
- they are not permitted to obtain any advantage from the TPV Compound's business opportunities or work for the purpose of advantaging competitor companies;
- they are not permitted to accept donations, favours or utilities of any type, with the exception of gifts of modest value on condition that these do not tend to influence the recipient’s normal conduct;
- it is not permitted to make donations in cash or kind, with the exception of commercial gifts and courteous acts of modest value;
- it is not permitted to obtain an advantage from, or make improper use of, the information obtained in the conduct of working activities.

Organisation and protection

All the recipients must contribute to maintaining a work environment aimed at respect of the personality and dignity of each worker or rather keep it immune from any form of prejudice.
With reference to the various roles, and consequently levels of responsibility, the various corporate functions must be carried out with loyalty, correctness and reciprocal respect.
All employees are called upon to collaborate and perform their assigned duties with efficiency, diligence and a sense of responsibility.
Every contractual relationship with the employees must be marked with compliance to the obligations provided by the laws on labour matters with protection of their right to participate in trade union associations and the connected activities.

Conservation and utilisation of corporate assets

Every associate is required to operate for the protection of corporate assets, using these as a function TPV Compound’s objectives, through responsible conduct and in line with the operating procedures prepared to regulate their utilisation.

Safety at work

There is the commitment in TPV Compound to ensure, in full compliance with prevailing regulations on labour matters, a work environment respectful of the safety and health of the employees and the adoption of all appropriate measures for that purpose.
Accordingly, the employees are required to comply with the prevention and safety measures established by the authorised department in charge.

Eco responsibility.

One of TPV Compound's primary objectives is containment of the environmental impact of its activities. For that purpose there is the constant commitment of observance of all legal directives on environmental matters.

Quality of the products and services

The strength of TPV Compound has always been the maximum possible satisfaction and protection of its customers, achieved by giving particular attention to requests that can favour an improvement of the quality of the products and services.
Research, development production and marketing are directed at quality standards of absolute excellence.

Relations with the media

TPV Compound's relationships with the information bodies are exclusively reserved for the relevant corporate functions.

Final directives

The Ethical Code is approved by the Boards of Directors of TPV Compound.
Any future updates shall be approved by the Boards of Directors and promptly distributed to all the recipients.